We don’t get paid unless you are awarded benefits.

Contact McDonald Law Firm today to get your Disability claim started.

What it costs:

If you’re denied, you don’t owe us anything.

If you win, our fee is 25% of your back pay or $7,200, whichever is less.

We take nothing from future payments.
Our fees are set by the federal government and SSA pays us directly from any back pay owed to you.

What is back pay?

Due to the number of people applying for benefits, there may be a delay between when your claim is confirmed with SSA and when it is reviewed and approved. Disability back pay is the benefits that you would have received from the time you apply to the time when your claim is approved (minus a 5-month waiting period).

Are there any other expenses?

If you are approved and McDonald Law Firm has requested medical records on your behalf — and if we are charged for those records by your medical provider — we will send you a bill for reimbursement of that expense.

The good news is that many states do not allow providers to charge anything when obtaining medical records for a Social Security Disability claim. Other states have laws that significantly limit the amount a medical provider may charge for copies of your medical records in relation to a Disability claim.

In 2022 McDonald Law Firm’s average medical reimbursement bill was $113.06. Of clients approved at hearing in 2022, 71% received no bill at all.