How much does disability pay?

Social Security Disability benefits are paid monthly but the amount is unique for each individual.

We get this question all the time, but the answer is not easy or exact. To determine your Disability payment, the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a complex formula that is based upon your earnings history. Simply put, it depends on how long you worked and how much you earned and paid into the system.

How much can someone receive on SSDI?

  • In 2019, the average monthly disability benefit paid by SSA was $1,234.

How much can someone receive on SSI?

  • In 2022, the basic monthly SSI payment was the same throughout the country:
    • For one person, the maximum amount is $841.
    • For a couple, the maximum amount is $1,261.

The exact amount an individual receives may depend on where you live, who you live with and other income/resources you may have.

It’s important to point out that, in addition to a monthly check, many Social Security Disability recipients also get a one-time, lump sum after they are finally awarded benefits. This one-time payment is called back pay or past-due benefits and refers to the benefits a claimant would have received had they been approved earlier in the process. For an SSI claim, your back pay is calculated from your application date and for an SSDI claim, your back pay is calculated from your onset date.

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