What medical conditions qualify for Disability?

The list is too long to name. Social Security maintains a manual called the “Blue Book” that describes in detail each condition that qualifies for Disability.

The Social Security Administration maintains an impairment listing manual ― referred to as the “Blue Book”― that contains more than 100 physical and mental conditions that qualify for Disability as long as certain criteria are met. Social Security’s decision-makers use the manual to make determinations on Disability claims.

In the Blue Book, there are 14 categories of disabling conditions and within each category are specific diseases, illnesses and disorders. The categories include:

The formal name of the so-called Blue Book is Disability Evaluation Under Social Security. Long ago, it became known as the Blue Book because of the color of its cover. You can’t get a current print version of the Blue Book any more, but all of its information is contained on the Social Security Administration’s website.

The information contained in the online Blue Book is extremely technical and difficult to understand. It contains general information, evidentiary requirements and the listing of impairments. It was written primarily for medical and Disability experts, not laypeople. The complexity of the Blue Book is a good reason to have an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer handle your claim.

The knowledgeable attorneys at McDonald Law Firm would be happy to evaluate your circumstances to determine whether your Disability meets a listing in the Blue Book. If it does not, that doesn’t mean you can’t get Disability benefits. Not all medical conditions are listed in the Blue Book. If your impairment is as severe as another medical condition on the list or if it prevents you from working any job, you could still be awarded Disability benefits.

The Disability team at McDonald Firm is experienced in all aspects of the Social Security Disability process. We will handle your claim from start to finish, exploring and exhausting every avenue to get you the Disability benefits you need.

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